1991 BMW E30: Nick’s Corner

Jul 3, 2022 | BMW, Ceramic Coating, Detailing, Nick's Corner, Paint Correction, Showroom

The iconic car with a cult following.

The BMW E30 was such a show stopper in its time.

It’s hard not to think of the BMW brand without having this legendary boxy silhouette come to mind.

This Brilliant Red 1991 3i8is in the frame came to Cultura for some much-needed TLC.

The car’s paint was dull, stained, and lifeless. The scratches and paint swirling covered the entire car. As per usual, the Paint Whisperer, Nick was up for the challenge and didn’t disappoint

It started with a good decontamination and interior clean, before Nick performed three stages of compounding, rejuvenated the plastics, razor cleaned the glass, polished the badges and the list goes on.

To finish it off, Nick applied a beautiful coat of Nano Graphene Coating from @artdeshine to give it that ultra shine and reliable protection.

Reviving a Legend: The 1991 BMW E30’s Transformation at Cultura

The restoration of the 1991 BMW E30 at Nick’s Corner is a vivid demonstration of Cultura’s dedication to preserving automotive history with a modern touch. This Brilliant Red 318is, once a beacon of performance and style, had seen its brilliance dimmed by time and wear. However, under Nick’s expert care, it underwent a transformation that not only restored its original beauty but also integrated advanced protection technologies. The comprehensive process involved meticulous cleaning, paint correction, and the revival of every detail, from plastics to emblems, ensuring that every aspect of the car was attended to with precision and passion.

The application of Nano Graphene Coating, a testament to Cultura’s commitment to using only the most advanced and effective products, offers a protective barrier against the elements, while enhancing the car’s aesthetic appeal. This coating not only provides a stunning gloss but also ensures long-lasting durability against scratches and environmental contaminants.

This project highlights the intersection of classic car restoration and cutting-edge technology, showcasing Cultura’s unique ability to honour the legacy of iconic models like the BMW E30, while embracing the future of car care. For enthusiasts and collectors looking to breathe new life into their vehicles, Cultura stands as a beacon of excellence, where passion for cars and expertise in restoration converge to create extraordinary results.

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