Chemical Decontamination: Wheels 

Jul 3, 2022 | Detailing, Wheel Repairs

So what is chemical decontamination?


Chemical decontamination, a vital component of car care, is essential for preserving the aesthetic and structural integrity of a vehicle’s wheels. This process is crucial in premium car care regimes, as wheels are prone to accumulating brake dust and iron particles due to the constant friction between brake pads and rotors. Without proper attention, these contaminants can not only tarnish the vehicle’s appearance but also lead to corrosion. The car detailing process involves using a specialised solution that safely and effectively dissolves these stubborn particles.

When applied, this solution deeply penetrates the contaminants, triggering a chemical reaction that loosens their grip on the wheel’s surface. The transformation to a purple hue serves as a visual cue that the contaminants are ready to be washed away. This step is not just about cleaning; it’s about preserving the wheel’s condition by averting the corrosive impact of these particles, a testament to the meticulousness of professional car detailers.

Following decontamination, applying a protective coating is recommended to shield the wheels from future accumulations, simplifying their upkeep. Cultura’s proficiency in chemical decontamination ensures that each vehicle treated not only recovers its immaculate appearance but is also equipped with a protective barrier against future degradation.