Pre-delivery: Audi RS Q8

Jul 3, 2022 | Audi, Detailing, Euro, Pre-Delivery

This amazing Audi RS Q8 came directly from the dealership for pre-delivery detailing.

It’s not the worst we’ve seen but it’s far from acceptable for a new car. It had a lot of swirling and scratches from front to back. Scratches that were caused by careless washing and handling.

Atu gave it a couple of stages of paint correction then applied a beautiful coat of @artdeshine Graphene Coating for paint protection.

In our opinion, if you have just purchased a new Euro car, it’s a no brainer to have it paint corrected and paint protected from day one.

Enhancing the Audi RS Q8: Premium Detailing and Protection

The Audi RS Q8 represents the pinnacle of luxury and performance in the SUV market, making it a prime candidate for the highest standards of car care and detailing. At Cultura Automotive Lifestyle, we understand the unique needs of such premium vehicles, which is why our car detailers are specifically trained in the latest techniques of Audi car detailing. The RS Q8, with its sleek design and powerful presence, demands a meticulous approach to maintain its aesthetic and functional integrity.

Our premium car care services for the Audi RS Q8 include a comprehensive assessment and application of advanced detailing techniques. The process begins with a thorough cleaning, followed by paint correction stages designed to eliminate any imperfections, such as swirls and scratches that can detract from the vehicle’s appearance. The final step involves the application of a cutting-edge graphene coating, which not only enhances the car’s gloss and depth but also provides an unmatched level of protection against environmental contaminants and UV damage.

Graphene coating stands out in car detailing for its exceptional durability and protective qualities, making it an ideal choice for the Audi RS Q8. This advanced treatment ensures that the vehicle’s surface is shielded from the elements, while also making it easier to clean and maintain. By choosing Cultura Automotive Lifestyle for your Audi detailing needs, you’re not just investing in the vehicle’s current appearance but also in its long-term preservation and value.

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