Pre-Delivery Car Care: Nick’s Corner

Jul 3, 2022 | Ceramic Coating, Detailing, Graphene Coating, Nick's Corner

Nick is back to have a chat about dealership pre-delivery vehicles. If you have just purchased a new car from the dealership, bring it to us to do the pre-delivery preparation.

You won’t be disappointed.

In the insightful segment from Nick’s Corner at Cultura Automotive Lifestyle, the spotlight is on the crucial aspect of pre-delivery car care, a service that ensures new vehicles are in pristine condition before they reach the customer. This video delves into the meticulous process Cultura employs to prepare dealership vehicles, highlighting the importance of this step in the car buying experience.

Nick, with his wealth of knowledge and expertise, walks viewers through the comprehensive pre-delivery preparation process that every new car undergoes at Cultura. This preparation is not just a simple check; it’s a thorough enhancement that goes beyond what standard dealership pre-delivery services offer. The process begins with an in-depth inspection to identify any imperfections or issues that might have been overlooked, ensuring that the vehicle meets Cultura’s high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Following the inspection, the vehicle undergoes a series of treatments designed to protect and enhance its appearance. This includes paint correction to remove any minor blemishes or swirl marks, application of protective coatings to shield the paint from environmental damage, and interior detailing to ensure the cabin is spotless and inviting. These steps are crucial for preserving the vehicle’s value and ensuring that the owner enjoys a flawless driving experience from day one.

Nick emphasises the value of bringing your new car to Cultura for pre-delivery preparation, guaranteeing that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. The attention to detail and the superior level of care provided by Cultura set a new standard for what customers should expect when purchasing a new vehicle.

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