Music Video Behind The Scenes: Cultura Facility P1

Jun 28, 2022 | Behind The Scenes, Subaru

Throwback to the weekend when we had NIK the PRK and his Subaru Forester squad come through our facility to shoot a new music video.
Cultura Automotive Lifestyle had the unique opportunity to host NIK the PRK and his Subaru Forester squad, marking a memorable collaboration between automotive culture and the music industry. This gathering wasn’t just about cars; it was a creative endeavour to shoot a new music video, blending the gritty, dynamic world of car enthusiasts with the expressive, vibrant realm of music. NIK the PRK, known for his energetic beats and compelling lyrics, chose Cultura’s state-of-the-art facility as the backdrop for his latest project, highlighting the synergy between high-performance vehicles and the rhythm of urban music.

The presence of the Subaru Forester squad added an extra layer of excitement to the shoot, showcasing the versatility and rugged charm of these vehicles. Cultura’s facility provided the perfect setting, with its sleek, modern design and array of high-end cars, to frame the music video’s narrative, adding a touch of elegance and power to the visual experience.

This collaboration is a testament to Cultura’s commitment to supporting diverse creative projects, demonstrating how automotive spaces can serve as more than just showrooms or service centres—they can be platforms for artistic expression and cultural fusion. The anticipation for the finished product is high, as fans of both NIK the PRK and automotive culture eagerly await the release of the music video, expecting a masterpiece that captures the essence of speed, style, and sound.
NIK the PRK’s Music Video Fusion at Cultura

For those intrigued by this unique blend of cars and music, we invite you to check out the behind the scenes video. This collaboration promises to be a visual and auditory treat, showcasing the best of both worlds. Stay tuned to Cultura’s channels for updates on the music video’s release and take this opportunity to explore the intersection of automotive excellence and musical innovation.

We look forward to seeing the finished product.

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