Music Video Behind The Scenes: Cultura Facility P2

Jun 26, 2022 | Behind The Scenes, Subaru

The Cultura Automotive Lifestyle facility recently played host to an exciting event that showcased its versatility beyond the realm of premium car care and detailing. The showroom floor, known for displaying some of the most exquisite vehicles and serving as a hub for automotive enthusiasts, transformed into a dynamic set for the filming of a new music video. This unique collaboration involved Sydney rapper NIK the PRK and renowned film producer @thelastaddition, bringing a fusion of music and automotive culture to life.

The Cultura showroom floor was taken over by Sydney rapper NIK the PRK and film producer @thelastaddition to shoot their new music video.

NIK the PRK, a rising talent in the Sydney music scene, is known for his energetic performances and unique sound that blends various genres to create something truly distinctive. The decision to shoot his latest music video at the Cultura facility underscores the rapper’s connection to the automotive world and his desire to incorporate elements of luxury and style into his artistic expression. This behind-the-scenes glimpse not only highlights the rapper’s creative process but also showcases the Cultura facility’s adaptability and its role as a cultural landmark.

The collaboration between NIK the PRK and @thelastaddition is a testament to Cultura’s commitment to supporting local artists and providing a platform for creative expression. By opening its doors to the music video shoot, Cultura reinforces its position as a leader in the automotive lifestyle sector, bridging the gap between car care excellence and the arts. This event is a clear indication of Cultura’s dedication to fostering a community that celebrates both automotive and artistic achievements.

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Here is a quick behind-the-scenes video of what went down yesterday.

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